Looking for the right framework to pivot my project towards the realm of video games

I have a project I’ve been developing for a long time in Max/MSP, a sort of automated songwriting and recording system (https://github.com/to-the-sun/amanuensis), that I’m looking to expand upon visually and move in the direction of a full videogame. I’m looking for the right framework to start coding this new branch in, which at first will most likely communicate with the original Max app via OSC.

I figure I’ll also mention that I’m going to be hiring someone to do this, so if you might be interested here’s a little more information

Do you think openFrameworks is the right tool for the job? The initial implementation will probably be relatively minimal, but down the road I would like to plan for ease of:
– finding additional developers to work with who know the language
– cross-platform compatibility, including iOS and Android
– bringing the game online, which would require the transfer of at least small buffers of audio, but ideally large audio buffers or even more ideally streaming audio in real-time
– ability to crunch some numbers on a low level
Those are probably the main ones, but other considerations might include:
– how much of my existing Max app could be replicated in a completely standalone game app. Basically, level of audio capabilities, including MIDI, hosting VSTs, recording large buffers and playing back excerpts from them, spectral and other analysis tools, etc.
– integration of machine learning libraries, especially Google’s Magenta

How easily do you think I’ll get along if I go with this framework? Any pitfalls you might foresee?