Looking for someone to update Mac OSX setup guide [Photoshop/Screenshots/Text]

Hi everyone! We’re looking for some quick help with updating the setup guide for XCode on Mac OSX:

Description of the issue on github:

Current (outdated) setup guide:

This would just require someone to set up a new download of openFrameworks on their Mac OSX machine, and take screenshots to walk through. Any help appreciated! No programming skills required :slight_smile:

I’d like to help, though i’m not an advanced programmer, this could be something that i could do at least -)
But since i’ll be working on a project for a week, i think that i can start working on it on Monday or Tuesday.

Hey @caitlin ,

Has this already request been handled already?

If no one is opposed to it, I’d like to try my hand at this.

Nevermind… Didn’t realize that this thread was 5 years old.

I’ll avoid reviving dead threads next time. :slight_smile: