Looking for Software to project only a section of my desktop

I just started working with openFrameworks after attending a workshop at UCSD… I really liked it and started getting to work… I’ve been using it write an application that aids with audio and visuls for live performances with the band i play in Batwings.
Anyways, Inside my program i have some controls for me to use and there’s an area with a live video feed…
I’m looking for some software(windows, and hopefully in the future for linux if I can ever compile of on my 64bit system) that I can use to select only the video area of my application for projection… Then i can see all the controls on my laptop screen, but only the live video feed is projected…
anyone know of such a thing?


this might be useful:


“Zooming is also supported”

haven’t seen it in action, but could be useful.

also, this could be done in code – with an nvidia card, you can do horizontal span and it’s not that complicated to take a portion of the screen, grab it into a texture (via the screen grab functionality in ofTexture) and draw it on to the second monitor.

take care!