Looking for software designer for Blackmagic ATEM Control

Looking for a software designer to update ofATEM, open source software used to control the Blackmagic ATEM Production Studio Switcher. The software currently works in conjunction with Max running on OSX, but it’s not designed to control some of the ATEM switcher’s essential functionality, including: media players, downstream/upstream keyers, and recording. Need to also have an updated Max patch as well that demonstrates the additional ofATEM functionality. Will pay an agreed upon fee for programming, source code, demo Max patch, and followup support. Developer needs to own or have access to a Blackmagic ATEM switcher for testing. Please respond to this post or contact me at: rpacker@zakros.com.

Additional information:


Blackmagic ATEM Production Studio Switcher

I’d be interested… What is your timeframe? I’ve got a Production Studio 4k unit myself. Only thing is time as I’ve got a lot going on at the moment.


Hi Ryan, great to hear from you and glad that you already have a BM switcher. I would like to suggest that we have a short Skype session to go over the scope of the project in more detail so that you can give me a quote for the work involved. Skyping would be helpful because then we can specifically go through the functions with the Software Control app. It would be great if we can Skype sometime this week just to confirm whether or not we will move forward. The work itself, I would very much like to have it done in the next few weeks, but I could wait until early September if necessary.

Let me know if you are available for a Skype this week.

Best, Randall

Hey Randall,

Probably best time would be Thursday possibly. I am definitely at least a month or so out.

Also thought I had mentioned, I don’t know MAX but I’d be able to at least get more functionality built in with OSC.


I had a go at this and then got busy. The blackmagic SDK is about to change a fair bit (ccu integration and a lot more is in the next release). I started with using the raw captured UDP data used to make this

or this

It is then cross platform pretty easy. I was using sockets to get the same functionality. You can just extend the libq version but the libs are 64 bit, but a 64 bit OF will load them.

Thanks for your note. Do you have any documentation for non-programmers?

Hi Ryan, I’m not sure where you are located about how about Thursday at 4pm Eastern Time. My skype address is: randallpacker My email address is: rpacker@zakros.com Can you please send me yours?

The Max programming is really not necessary, so long as I have all the OSC addresses for the various functions. We can discuss further over Skype.