Looking for partnership for an audio-reactive gif based visualisation app

Hi everyone! I’ve been developing Ludovico for quite a while now.
Its a programable, audio-reactive, gif based visualisation tool.

Due to work and other projects I’m unable to keep working on it as much as I want, and the project its kind of dying, and I don’t want this to happen.

The main problem I have is that due my ignorance on C++ I spend way to much time trying to understand errors and finding why I get random crashes.

Other than making the app stable, porting it to other platforms and keep adding features for the visualisation part on it self (multi-channel, masking, fractals, OSC…), I want to use Ludovico to explore new technologies and systems, including creating an IPFS based system for sharing content (or making user interface completely open), bitcoin payment integration for unlocking features, deep learning for auto generating visualisations, or porting it to the web…

But right now what I need the most is just get over some random crashes (I’m completely stuck), someone I can bother every time in a while to help me understand and debug whatever is wrong in my code.

Ideally though, this someone, will be excited enough to collaborate further and be a full partner on this project.

I’m open to any sort of agreement/deal (getting paid with BTC?)

The current project is running on OF 0.9.2 (although since I updated OF from 0.9 I can’t get it to run without crashing), targeting Mac, and using QT Creator.

So, if you have the skills I need, and you are excited for creating psychedelic visuals, potentially running in a completely decentralised manner, and exploring all sorts of ideas, shoot me a message here or on twitter.