Looking for OSC Sequencing

Does someone know a good “OSC Sequencer” ?

I use Ableton Live with LiveGrabber but it does a lot of more than “OSC sequencing”
I’m switching to Vezer but it does not provide music concepts as 4/4, tempo, etc.


Some ressources as start of my own research, any opinions ?


I use LiveGrabber or simple midi clips in ableton to control visuals in oF. There is also https://github.com/zealtv/VIZZable-2 for doing visuals in live.

You might want to have a look at duration or ofxTimeline by @obviousjim.

@StudioAlbert is there a reason you cannot use a midi sequencer and then just run something to convert to OSC and keep all the features of a midi sequencer?


Big thanks for answering.
Duration looks awesome :wink:

The reason to not use ableton is :

  • I don’t need any other things that only features from midi sequencers are BPM, 4/4 loops, etc.

  • looking for better optimizations for osc sending :
    – some animations to one port, other to an other port, etc.
    – control onto messages headers

  • productivity question or lazyness of not writing my own midi->osc bridge and adding each MIDI/OSC correspondance

It’s research thread and curiosity question.
Until better find I always used ableton with oscLiveGrabber (which is great) to do OF visuals.

Thanks again

Shameless plug : the software I’m working on, i-score (http://www.i-score.org). It’s an OSC sequencer with automations, mappings, hierarchy, … and can be integrated with ofParameter so that you can directly “see” the parameters and OSC nodes of the software you wish to control.

Hi vj_dudley_smith,

Hey since you’re into coding you might have a look at the Pattern classes of SuperCollider. Patterns (sequencer functions) output streams of numbers that can be sent anywhere via OSC, can be setup as proxies for live-coding, and have a huge amount of variation and flexibility. Plus, you get all of the benefits of coding (arrays, lists, controls, loops, math, etc). I’m a huge fan of SuperCollider so I’m biased. Its taken me quite a while to learn it, but after spending some time with it I can’t imagine using anything else.

SuperCollider has two sides. Users primarily interact with a language-side, which sends OSC messages to a server that actually executes the language. So the OSC-nature of the application is inherent in its design. It also makes fantastic synthesized sound, vocodes (and other spectral manipulation), plays and modifies samples, and does tons of other “musical stuff”. The SuperCollider server typically resides in the same machine, but it can also exist anywhere (so multiple language clients can interact with it). It has a pretty active development community, though its probably smaller than oF, with many devoted users and developers.

I’ve been wanting to fiddle around with using its Patterns and Proxies to sequence OSC events into oF for about a year now and I haven’t done it yet as I’m just learning both. But its really exciting and I can’t wait to try it.

OK good luck and hope you find some interesting alternatives.

Take care,


i-score looks fantastic. Keen to try it out.

We had released openFrameworks-based OSC editor, KuStudio: KuStudio - Minimalistic and superstable OSC editor
May be it will be helpful for your needs.

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