Looking for mr. Schiffman

Hello good folks,

First poster here and a long time lurker. Never really got into Of untill now that is :slight_smile:

Is there an openFrameworks-equivalent of mr Schiffman by any chance? So far i’ve been working my way through the ofBook which is already very helpfull but having video/audio would be very much appreciated!


Hi there!

I know that @lewislepton has done a bunch of videos. Check his playlist here.

Schiffman Usually has an open and general approach to what he teaches, so it’s quite easy to follow his videos and use OF instead of p5.

Some things will be quite different, of course, so if you have any troubles just come to the forum. Keep up! :slight_smile:

also these:


Thanks for the links! Loving the videos by jtnimoy btw :slight_smile:

I’ve been contributing to this repository, translating lots of examples from Daniel Shiffmans Book “The Nature of Code” to openFrameworks.

Daniel Shiffman has some greate videos! Ans his book is really fun!
Processing is quite similar to openframeworks in a few ways, I found it was fairly easy to adapt the examples to openframeworks. MatthiasEsterl’s link looks very interesting though.

Lewis Lepton has an amazing playlist of videos, unfortunently he has moved to another framework at the moment, so I’m not sure if he’ll ever get back to it :frowning:

Thanks for the link to the repository, all the help i need!