Looking for (freelance) Creative Technologists in NYC

Hey guys,

I work at a small post production company in NYC that is looking for help with a flood of projects that are coming in. Each project has tons of it’s own challenges and requires very different skillsets, but most of you here could probably handle them. The projects also vary so much that it’s difficult to really ask for specific skills.

Fluency in oF, particularly with the video end of things would definitely be helpful. I am just starting it myself, so having a more experienced person around to help a few projects go smoothly would be great. Also any skills in Max/MSP, Quartz Composer, Processing would certainly come in handy. Most of you have probably done some arduino stuff at some point as well.

Since we are a post production facility it’s also super helpful if you know a good range of the Adobe Creative suite, and something like C4D. You don’t need end to end knowledge, but enough to get by.

The two or three projects that I will need help with coming up involve a lot of general hardware knowledge (how to get 12 projectors and 4 mac mini’s practically talking to eachother) and some stage knowledge (experience with live performance is a plus). There are also much more oF based projects that involve mostly openCV stuff. All of these projects are coming up in the next month and a half, so speed would be essential.

Here is our site: www.fakelove.tv

If you think you might be able to help out in some way, please contact me directly with a resume/portfolio and your rate: blair@fakelove.tv