Looking for an XML-RPC addon

I’m looking for an addon to implement an XML RPC server in OF and I did not find an obvious one in ofxaddons.com.
Does anyone aware of an existing addon that would have this feature ?
If it doesn’t exist, what would be the best strategy to develop one ?

  • Reimplement XML-RPC using ofxHttp and ofXML
  • reuse existing XML-RPC lib and write the glue code to ofXML

Thank you for your advice

I’m not sure how much flexibility you have, but https://github.com/bakercp/ofxJSONRPC is related. If that doesn’t work, you may be able to dig into the ofxJSONRPC code to see how it’s built and replace out Json w/ XML or something? Or maybe use the existing code with an json/XML interpreter in one of the event callbacks? Just depends on your requirements etc.

Unfortunately, I must use XML-RPC…
I took a quick look to ofxJSONRPC and I think I can adapt it to use XML.
Do you mind if I reuse large parts of your code ? Would you prefer that I had the XML-RPC and PR to ofxJSONRPC ?

I’d just make a new repo and reuse as much as possible and call it ofxXMLRPC :slight_smile: If you want to keep me listed with you in the copyright sections of parts that aren’t modified, that would be cool, otherwise, it’s all MIT licensed so do what you like with it.