looking for a supplier for security-cams in Europe?

Hi gurls and boys…

I thought that I-fish pro fr. unibrain would work on mac. I bought cuz it captures à 86 fps (OBS: dont make the same misstake :cry: )….well there’s not any support for mac-os pity pity. I thought it’d work like the normal i-fish digital cam.

This makes us recap the whole approach for this project if we’d should go for mac or wind OS a very known dilemma…I guess ?

Any way Im now looking for digital or analog cams, ( a supplier in Europe will be the best thing for me). Pointgrey is good but it’s too expensive for our project…something under 400€ will be great!

Thanks for yr time! :smiley:


I recently worked with Polisnet for a computer vision project; they’re an italian security solutions provider and mostly work with Mobotix cameras (they’re not bad: you can control them via webserver).

hope i’ve been helpful :slight_smile: