Looking for a slider that allows you to set a specific range of values

I know this is a silly question but I can´t really find the answer to it.

I want to make a slider that allows you to set the minim and the max value on the go.
Like the range selector in controlp5 in processing, just like that one.

I´ve already looked in ofxDatGui and ofxImgui and i wasn´t able to find one of those.

There is an example in ofxDatGui wich says “Rangesliders” BUT IS NOT a slider that allows you to select a range.

This is a simple and very common use. Could you tell me wich library has it or where in those librarys i can be able to find the example that im looking for?

Example of the kind of slider im lookiing for but in javascript https://refreshless.com/nouislider/.

use ofxGui

//in your header
#include "ofxGui.h"
ofxPanel gui;
ofxIntSlider intVal;
ofxIntSlider floatVal;

//in your app.cpp
gui.add(intVal.setup("my int", 400, 10, 1000));
gui.add(floatVal.setup("my float", 0.4, 0.1, 1.0));

Also, open the example/addons/gui folder and have a look around. you may find surprising the things that you can do without any additional addons.

But that´s not the slider that im looking for.
I´ve found it in ofxUI in the name of “range slider” thought, but ofxUI seems to be a deprecated library with some issues, though is the one that im working in.