Looking for a Lead/Senior Developer at StruckAxiom - creative agency

Lead Interactive Developer - (SLC)

We need
A doer. A team player. A problem solver. We are looking for someone who strives to collaborate, concept, and develop solutions that make the seemingly impossible and unlikely become what the industry talks about.

You have
Guts and super powers. You can’t be afraid to think big and help those around you see possibilities and opportunities for innovation. You’ll be a creative thinker that not only executes against a set of technical requirements within a given timeline, but also breathes life into the ideas that drive the work at Struck/Axiom (this is where your super powers come in handy). Your lines of code will be the realization of the creative concepts that you and your team believe in.

You will
Work hard. Play hard. Your responsibilities will primarily be as a Lead Interactive Developer, planning, scoping and developing interactive work in various mediums. You will work collaboratively with designers and execute technical solutions with an exceptional degree of visual polish. In addition to using your experience to shape and guide projects, you will be expected to mentor more junior developers. You will be expected to lead by example and to take ownership over your work. It is fully expected that your skills as a creative and technical leader will continue to be developed. You will explore and master new technologies to solve new creative challenges. We expect great things from you and will do everything we can to help you achieve your potential.

You are
An experienced developer who plays well with others; you can both collaborate and lead. You know how to execute creative work with an attention to detail and a focus on the experience of the end-user.

You are proficient and experienced with:
HTML / CSS / JavaScript

And you’re strong with at least 4 of:
ActionScript 3
Objective-C / iOS
Java / Android
Python / Django
Ruby / Rails
C, C++