Looking for a developer interrested by relation between video audio and dance

We open a new space for a month during which we work on some new project.
as Our last project Disorder we like to work with video, comtemporary dance and sound of course >
we are looking for a c++ openframework developper who like experiement new thing, who love have party.
our website >>

description of our compagny
Centre d‘Expression Numérique et Corporelle (Centre for numeric and corporal expression). We are a group of ten actors, dancers, choreographs, plastic and graphic artists, programmers and sound technicians based in Geneva, Switzerland. Our passions for art, culture and travelling have merged into one common project: setting up a platform dedicated to artistic research and creation, a strong base for the sharing of knowledge and experience in different fields. Our current focus is the search for new aesthetic and sensorial experiences via the fusion of numeric art and corporal expression. Increased reality is a core element of this concept.

I will try

Very nice. I live near Lyon. Don’t know for this month, but would be interested getting in touch.