Locked public struct

I’m using ofxBranchesPrimitive (https://github.com/edap/ofxBranchesPrimitive) to build an AR app that generates branches in 3D space ready for 3D printing. It’s working and all but I’m now looking into embedding acceleration data into the color of the mesh. Therefore I have to adjust the parameters of the ofxBranchCylinderOptions, but xCode denies me access to the file. I can see it but can’t edit anything in the ‘swift interface’. What’s happening and how do I fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I do not know how those Swift classes are generated. But, to add a parameter, just add it to ofxBranchCylinderOptions as you were doing. Remember to add a value to defaultBranchOptions too.
Then, using the project generator, try to remove and then re-add the addon to the project, maybe this operation trigs the generation of the Swift file