Lock exposure settings on Macbook Pro webcam. Any tips?

Hi all,
I’m trying to lock the exposure settings on the inbuilt webcam on the Macbook pro (running El Capitan) and can’t figure out how to do it.
I’ve seen solutions based on using setVideoSettingCamera() but that doesn’t work in the latest versions of oF and the ofxUVC addon hasn’t been updated for ages and does not work for the inbuilt camera on a mac.

I’ve found this app (link) from the Mac store, but surely there must be a better way to do this.

Any ideas much appreciated.

Hi there!

When I do or move an installation, I always calibrate the settings to a site-specific, with that exact application.

On the first time, I also looked around for other solutions, but since usually I just need to lock some settings without ever touching it again, I really think that’s the best solution.

It’s a reliable and full-featured app, so the time/effort to basically rebuilt it never seemed to pay up. Although, I understand the challenge and fun of doing it. : )

If I need some on-the-fly settings (like forced-exposure, white-balance, luts, etc.) I post-process with shaders.

Basically, to use that app is my tip.


Hi hubris!
Thanks for the tip. Will try it out!

update: the app does not support exposure settings for the FaceTime HD camera of Apple.

Thanks @stephanschulz but ofxUVC does not work (apparently) with the inbuilt cameras.

Still struggling to make the FaceTime HD camera work. Any ideas appreciated.

I haven’t dug into this but maybe this will help:

more info:

Thanks everyone for their answers. Have already spent two days on it. Will report if something comes out.

Any luck @marinero?
By the way Sight Control worked for me on Mac (Mid 2015/El Capitan)

No luck Ali. It is very annoying. Let me know if you find something.