Lock computer but don't black out the external output

Hello guys,

I’m working on a new presentation which I know will be locaated in an unsupervised place, which means some curious people could have access to the computer where my OF program will be running.

I have been testing on Windows and Linux and if I lock the computer (requesting a password to get into the OS) it’ll black out the external output (the video/interactive animation). Thus, my question.

Is there a way to program the OS so it’ll lock the main screen as usual but will allow output to the external video/projector? It doesn’t matter if it is Windows or Linux, as I’m in the early stage of planning the presentation and I can handle both. (if you know it could be possible in MAC let me know too, as that way I can try to get some Macs to do the development)

thanks in advanced,


take mouse and keyboard with you when you leave? :slight_smile:

on (ubuntu) linux, a good place to start is the gconf editor:
Press alt-F2, enter gconf-editor, the key /apps/gnome-power-manager/lock/blank_screen may be going in the right direction (although this one influences if the session is locked when the screen blanks, i haven’t found the other way round)
also apps/gnome-screensaver might be relevant (because it’s the screen saver which is switched on on locking)

have a look at

man gnome-screensaver-command  

from what i could find so far, best way would be to write your own screensaver which simply does nothing (maybe you can use the “blank screen” one as a template). dunno if that will work. seems to be written in C(?), see http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/gnome-scree-…-nk/savers/