Location of of_v0.10.1_vs2017_release

I’ve been using OF for a while now, but have failed to see any instructions as to where the OF folder [of_v0.10.1_vs2017_release] should be placed on my WIN10 machine so as to avoid the dialog to locate it when it is not found. Having the x:\folder that is expected would be quite useful.

Jim Wright

I do not understand your problem from your message. You can download and unzip the folder wherever you want on your computer.

Hi and thanks for the response.
Lacking additional information, that is exactly what I have done. A better question might be: “What do I need to do to avoid the dialogue for locating this folder every time I start a new project?”

Jim Wright

Which dialog box? in the project generator or in visual studio community? did you follow the instructions here? https://openframeworks.cc/setup/vs/

Inline image

This is the dialogue. It explains that the [of_v0.10.1_vs2017_release] folder should be “2 levels below the openFrameworks root folder”. If sounds like the instruction is referring to the folder that I’m trying to properly place. Navigation to the present known location starts with the “…” icon on the right.

I have searched the whole machine and found nothing named openFrameworks or even OF_____ except a few icons in c:\users\userid\documents. What is that root folder called and where is it?

Installation of MS Visual Studio 2017 Community, the openFrameworks plugin for Visual Studio 2017, accession of of_v0.10.1_vs2017_release were applied with the defaults there being no other options available. MS, in its infinite wisdom and chutzpah, places everything wherever it pleases, often does not tell you where, uses hidden folders, and provides no opportunity for intelligent placement .

The latter zipped file, [of_v0.10.1_vs2017_release], was, lacking sufficient instructions, unzipped to D:\

“root folder” may mean something in the Linux world and I understand the concept, but in Windows world it has no special meaning.

Thanks for your help and tolerance of a (C++, VS and OF) relative novice and newbie.

Jim Wright ^v^!!^v^

The “project folder” should be two level below.
For example,
of_v0.10.1_vs2017_release/apps/your folder/yourProject

But actually you can make your project everywhere in your machine if you use ProjectGenerator.