Location of asset files

I have been trying to load truetype files from a ofxAndroidApp and cannot figure where to put them. I tried both assets and res/raw. They all appear in the apk but when I try to load them they load fails as it cannot find the files. I printed data directory and I get /, but I’m clueless as where I really need to put the font files. Any help would be appreciated.


Solving my own problem: turns out I simply needed to create a [appnamehere]resource.zip file containing all of the font files I needed and put it in res/raw. Note: the zip file needs to be lower case.

So I’m good. Also managed to get openframeworks android to work in Visual Studio using the NVidia Tegra tools I will post my experience with that later.

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you can just put the resources in bin/data the makefiles will compile that folder automatically to the corresponding zip file

Thanks. I will try that too. I did that before but I was getting file not found when the Android App ran. Also as I am using Nvidia’s Tegra environment which uses Visual Studio I’m not sure that Makefiles are actually getting called. The res/raw/.zip file works well though. I got my second app loading, projecting, and rendering ESRI shape files so I’m pretty happy.