Location Manager broken on OF for iOS8.1?

HI, I wanted to try the CoreLocation Example ofv0.8.4 on my new iPhone6 with iOS8.1 however; the GPS reading is 0. And all my previous code stopped working. This was working fine with my stolen iPhone5s on iOS7. Currently I am working with XCode6.1.1 on a OSX10.10.1 computer. I have checked whether my iPhone6 is faulty or not, even with a piece of example code from the iOS developer site of Apple. The machine works. Is this problem a sort of “Permission denied to access the current location” issue of iOS8.1 against current OF version? I am curious if anyone else has a similar problem. thanks.

Dear Forum, the solution is basically here; this is a change introduced in iOS8 by Apple, which should be taken care of if you use XCode6 and iOS8

I have edited the ofxiOSCoreLocation.mm file, and changed the info.plist according the suggested instructions. But for sure the OF core team will do the best update.

Then the app asked permission to access location info at the launch moment. And the rest is fine as before.