Locating a laser pointer position

Hello Everyone,

before I post my question, First I would like to thank everyone who is working on this community and on OF, the work here is amazing!. In second I apologize in advance if this post is in the wrong place or irrelevant.

so the question:

My team and I are working on building a system, among other things, the system has a Camera, a projector and a laser pointer, lets say that the laser pointer is pointing on a wall , the goal is to be able to draw any object (to be defined later) in the position of the laser pointer on the wall using a software on a laptop. We don’t need to track the laser pointer while its holder is moving it, we only need to locate its place once and be able to draw anything in that place.

my question: is Open Framework is the right tool to get this system working? if so any advice where to start would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It could be. A laser will always be the brightest thing in a cameras view of a scene, so you’d simply need to point a camera at the wall and track the position that way. A higher resolution camera will of course give you more precise results. If you’re looking to get XYZ data, if the wall isn’t flat for instance, then that gets more complicated, but with a little bit of math you could find the location if you know the shape of the wall.