Local_addons in OF 0.9.0 Projects

I’ve noticed that in OF 0.9.0, at least in OSX, the projects generated for XCode have a folder named local_addons.

I don’t find any documentation about this and I was wondering if this means that I can have addons on the project folder.


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local addons is something that you can do via the command line tool (it’s a part of GUI project generator that comes with 0.9.0) as well as the addons.make file, but it’s not exposed by the PG gui at the moment. I’m planning to do a big write up about this (and more) features behind the PG and it should explain how you might use it…

in the meantime, here’s some discussion around it if you want to poke around, most of the discussion occurs in these PRs and issues:


Hi, I think of098 still doesn’t provide the solution for this.

I wrote a tool for temporary goodness.

It can do…

  • copy addons in addons.make from OF_ROOT/addons to PROJ_ROOT/addons with or without .git and examples
  • rewrite addons.make to be read from PG
  • clone from girhub repository when addons in addons.make doesn’t exist in OF_ROOT/addons
  • clone and copy addons interactively

I hope it helps for developing next PG!