Loaf: lua, osc, and openFrameworks

Announcing loaf: lua, osc, and openFrameworks

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loaf is an interpreter for openFrameworks which allows you to write OF applications in the Lua scripting language. This means you can quickly create using openFrameworks but without having to compile C++ or use a heavy IDE like Xcode or Visual Studio. A built-in OSC (Open Sound Control) server enables loaf to communicate natively with other creative coding and music applications over a network connection.

Is loaf a replacement for building a native C++ application?

No. If you need to be able to include openFrameworks addons, stay with C++ for now.

So what is it for?

loaf is intended as a simple sandbox for sketching using the openFrameworks core API with a live-coding feel: make changes and see the result quickly. No compiling, no low level errors, just the basics. Think of loaf kind of like Processing without the run button.

More info and macOS builds on the website: http://www.danomatika.com/code/loaf

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I’ve added a set of useful Lua classes & libraries for projects using loaf: https://github.com/danomatika/loaf-ingredients