loading urls

Hi guys, I am surprised I didn’t find in the API a simple way to load url (as text). I searched in the forum and addons and found out this: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/threaded-http-get-and-post-using-poco/1146/0

But it looks as there was a bug as well.

Which is the simplest, more multi-platform, way to do so? using libcurl?

Thanks, chr

ofxHttpUtils works mostly without problem. there’s a weird bug with poco under windows codeblocks, where using the threaded version if the network disconnects some times it crashes.

But in every other platfotm it should work ok. This is the last version:


Thanks Arturo!

I added the info at the end of that thread, in case someone else ends up there as I did.

It would be great if someone can update the links in the addons page or project page.

Cheers, chr