Loading the video player faster

I have a program in which I am loading some videos on a keypress. There are approximately 10 different videos and I have to load a different one on the screen everytime a key is pressed. Currently, my class is extending ofVideoPlayer and I have added some play/pause controls to the player.

class CustomPlayer : ofVideoPlayer{  
void CustomPlayer(string moviePath, float vidWidth, float vidHeight, ofVec3f position){  
vidContainer.setFromCenter(position, 800, 500);  
void draw(){  
ofRectangle vidContainer;  

Everytime, I press a key, I load a new instance of the VideoPlayer by _customPlayer = new CustomVideoPlayer(“movie.mov”, 800, 500, ofVec3f(500,400,0);

By doing this, the video player although loads the movie (some movies are 120 MB approx.) but it takes time for the movie to appear on the screen. Are there any addons that are built for this very purpose (I remember seeing ofxPBOVideoPlayer and ofxThreadedVideoPlayer once and tried to use them but had issues compiling the same after readily downloading it). I could give these a try once again if the above addons are the actual solution to the problem. (Video player that starts playing without loading the whole large video files into the memory at once on the start)

The first thing I’d try is making 10 instances of the video player on startup, loading them with a movie and pausing them. Either use 10 variables or (cleaner) an array or vector. Then just call play when a key is pressed.