Loading system fonts on OSX/Android

I have often used custom fonts by placing “whatever.ttf” in my /bin/data directory, but is there any way to load the fonts that are built into OSX? Or do I manually have to move them into my /bin/data directory?

I have the same question about Android, but I have a feeling the answer will be identical.

in osx you can just use the name of the font when you call load, there’s also some constants to load the default sans, serif and mono fonts, OF_TTF_SANS, OF_TTF_SERIF and OF_TTF_MONO. you just need to pass the instead of the file name when calling load.

in android there’s still no way to do this, if you want to load a font you need to pack it with your application

Awesome, thanks Arturo. Also, is it possible to load otf/ttc/dfont files as well? Or will openFrameworks only load vanilla ttf?

i think all of the will work but not 100% sure

Ok, thanks!