Loading SRC without Project

This may be the most “beginner” question to ask - and it only partially relates to OF, but since I’m attempting to learn XCode and C++ as a means of using OF, I guess this is the place to ask it:

Currently, in order to run the examples, I create a new XCode project file with the OF projectGenerator, clear out the SRC code and replace it with the code from the tutorials.

Is there a guide to understanding how to create a new OF project independently? I think it would be helpful to know what goes on with the automated process.

Hi, use Project Generator and place the new project inside the apps/myApps folder. This way you don’t need to modify the examples.

What do you mean by the following? Independently from what?

Independently from the project generator, actually.

Whats the point for doing such?
Setting the xcode project from scratch can be super time consuming.In particular if you are learning to use xcode.

I was just curious how I might go about learning to do it, to gain a better understanding of all the component parts - but I can see now that it’s probably too complex for me. Thanks!

I understand. It is quite cumbersome. Before project generator came to life you had to create a new project by copying an existing one (usually the empty example), and if you wanted to use an addon you had to manually put the includes, library paths and linker stuff, which would be quite boring and if done wrong it would break the whole project. As such, Project Generator is a kind of blessing.
If you still want to understand how all is setup you mostly need to look at the build settings in xcode (click on xcodes left side pane on the project name (the one that is topmost with a blue icon) and you will be shown the project settings, from which you can choose the build settings)

If you want to understand xcode, try creating new xcode projects via its file > new menu, and make simple C++ command line applications, at which you can start adding some external library or osx framework, etc, but trying to understand the whole OF project is a bit complex to begin with.