loading sound results in a crash

it looks like a bug in either FMOD or the Alsa driver code…probably the latter triggered by the former.

You could try updating your version of FMOD? You can get the latest from the FMOD website.
Otherwise you could perhaps try updating your version of Alsa.

Something more easy to try would be to use OSS instead of Alsa, FMOD should support that, but you may need to look at the OF soundplayer code and/or FMOD documentation to figure out how to do that.

If that fails, here are some alternatives to using FMOD in OF to play back samples:


can you try if the soundplayerExample works? if it does it should be something with your application. are you using any threads? or perhaps it’s something related with the codec of your sound files

I tried it as well with the example resulting in the same crash. Looking around I found following thread in this forum http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/new-openal-based-ofsoundplayer/2920/0, it basically changes the sound back end from FMOD to OpenAL.

I grabbed the example from http://code.google.com/p/digitalstarcode/downloads/list and got it working with the version of OF currently in github after a good deal of library path and include path fiddling.

Now its just a question of getting it to work with my application…


I got sound out of my application! Cool!

If I got some free time on my hands I can help make the OpenAL interface better…

Thanks grimus for the example that got me going!


Great, glad you got it working…the first link in my post above was wrong…I meant it to point to my openAL implementation, but anyway, you found it. I’ve corrected the link anyway.

It would be nice to try and find out why your FMOD ofSoundPlayer wasn’t working…no-one else has reported problems previously.

Feel free to make any contributions to the openAL code…I should revisit it.