Loading remote xml files?


I am trying to use the addon ofxXmlSettings to load remote xml files from services like the digg api. I can get local xml files to load fine; but any http request fails to load.

Is anyone aware of how to load a remote xml file using openFrameworks?

In oF you can’t load remote files directly, only with quicktime. But someone implemented this addon recently:


with which you can read remote files, then you can save it and read it from disk

also I think you can’t load xmls from memory with the current xml addon. I extended xmlSettings some time ago to do that and also get xml attributes in addition to values. It’s not beautiful but I have used it succesfully for loading xmls from http and tcp.

here is an example that loads and parses an xml from last.fm web services. It uses poco for the http part


thank you for your responses. I tried both solutions but had difficulties installing Poco. I’m a C++ newbie and seem to have difficulty installing libraries still. My background is in ActionScript and Java/Processing.

Im trying to install Poco for XCode but when I compile either of these demonstrations it doesn’t work. The Poco release I am installing is poco-1.3.3p1, released on Oct 9th. At first I would get 131 warnings typically due to Poco samples folders and makefiles so I removed those. I still get 6 errors, and it never completes a build it just pauses.

here is an image of the 6 xcode warnings and my poco folder structure:

Any help is very appreciated!
thanks for the help so far!

Hey - its much easier than that as we have already poco working in xcode.

All the projects in the example folder are linking against poco.
So as long as you put the right includes for what you want to use in poco it should compile and run fine.