Loading images from a web folder

Hi all,

I’d like to load a group of .jpg files from a single folder on the web. Does anyone have any suggestions for this? I’ve tried and failed with ofDirectory and a path like “http://myWebSite.com/myImageFolder”, though it works great for any folder on my system drive. I’ve successfully used ofURLFileLoader for a single file (like in the graphics example), but not for a group of them in a folder (assuming that their names are unknown at compilation). And image.load(“http://myWebSite.com/myImageFolder/myImage.jpg”) works just fine, but this approach also requires that the file names are known ahead of time, rather than being deduced from the actual contents of the folder. Perhaps there is an addon for this task? Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks a bunch!


Update: I have made some progress on this. Using wget with ofSystem() will accomplish the task of downloading web content to my system drive. The file and directory utilities can then be used to access it inside the application.

As a side note, I was interested in this because I’d like to give an oF application access to content (images, video, audio, etc) that I can ftp to my server via my phone, shared folders on dropbox, etc.