Loading an existing ofImage texture into ofxSpriteSheetRenderer

I’m working on a game with a lot of objects which share the same animation indices and frame numbers but need different sheets associated with them. In order to not have to reload the texture with each renderer creation, I’m trying to bring in a pointer to an ofImage that I’ve loaded in my screen class. Does that make sense?

Everything is being called and the height/width are correct on the texture information when the renderer draws, but I’m not seeing anything show up. Can anyone provide insight?

Relevant code is below:

GameObject::GameObject(int x, int y, ofImage * _spriteSheet)
    spriteSheet = _spriteSheet;
    ofTexture * tex = &_spriteSheet->getTextureReference();
    renderer = new ofxSpriteSheetRenderer(1,1000,0,26);
    renderer->allocate(tex->getWidth(), GL_NEAREST);
    anim = idleAnim;

void GameObject::update()
    renderer->addCenterRotatedTile(&anim, pos.x + modx, pos.y + mody, 0, F_NONE, drawScale, angle, NULL, 255,255,255,255);

void GameObject::draw()