loadImage fails after moving project from 0.7.4 to 0.8.0


I recently downloaded of_0.8.0 and am in the process of moving all of my old projects from 0.7.4. Most of the things work, but one of my projects gives me some errors about not being able to load images in the /data/ directory.

It runs normal, but image files and some Haar cascade file aren’t able to be loaded. There are some font files that were loaded though.

The Directory structure looks as follows:


I’m wondering if there is something in the project folder that would cause this or something about moving project folders around?

hey suprnrdy
Try to create new 0.8.0 project from projectGenerator and copy the data folder from old project to the new.

Thanks Darold,

That did the trick. I guess it had to do with some particular settings for the old project.