load and loop a video in the background

Hi, guys, I am having a problem about loading a video.

Step 1: I start with ofxThinkGearExample, and it’s totally working. with the mindwave mobile headset on, it automatically updates the bar based on my brain activity in real time.

Step 2: I have a separate example, which is just looping a video, perfectly worked very well by a few lines of codes as following:

void testApp::setup(){


void testApp::update(){

void testApp::draw(){




Step 3: The errors come up after I copied these codes above into the ofxThinkGearExample.

I am pretty sure I copy everything, but it is just not working.

Have you also copied the object definition for fingerMovie from testApp.h in your video player code to the ofxThinkGearExample testApp.h? And the actual video file?

Please post the errors you are getting as well as the full testApp.h/testApp.cpp code. It’s hard to guess what is going on.

I do have video file in the data folder, and here are the errors:

Set your base SDK to 10.7 and then make sure you have QTKit.framework added to your project.