Live generative visual design & saving concepts

Hi there,
the title sounds strange. Actually, it is. But the idea is basic.

Basically, I want to use algorithms & procedural visuals generation.
BUT, I want to store each structure designed.

Example: I have a program, it generates gridshapes, basically objects with specific behaviors (OOP is required for that). Inputs (through OSC probably) are listening sound analysis done with Max for altering visuals and growth of the whole structure. The visuals structures evolve, grow through openGL ether world. I want to be able to :

  • change the viewport camera from the beginning place of the growth to the end, without to have cpu/gpu flaws
  • keep/store/save the whole structure (as a 3D model? as a specific serialized stuff ?)

structures wouldn’t figure any complex textured stuff, at the most, lines shaders and wireframe with culling. Maybe a very subtle fragment shader at the very end to “post”-process the rendering.

Any ideas ? Ways to do that with OF ?