Little questions made by a noob...

Hello everyone
I’m a beginner in OF, i’m actually learning some c++ to understand better this fabulous thing, and i’ve got some little questions ('cause i want to do a special 3D software). Someone told me, it’s better for 3D… (am i right?)

I know, maybe these are stupid questions, but, i’m architect. No one can help me in my school >.<

So my questions are:

Is there a “selectInput()” like processing in OF? To make a window for import 3D model.
And, what type of 3D models i can import in OF?

Is there anyone who have a “template” of a 3D software that i can use to make mine?

Thank to everyone that can help me ^^

Ho and, sorry for my english, i’m french (sorry for that too haha).

? :frowning:

Hate to be this guy again but
checkout the 3DModelLoaderExample inside addons examples and the ADVANCED 3D EXAMPLE inside examples
also a couple of addons here:
and search this forum to find more information in older topics!

You can also check out the documentation of the ofxAssimpModelLoader:

It lists the supported file types and has a brief explanation of how to load a model.

Thank for all :slight_smile:

but do you know how i can do this type of window to choose what model i want to load (just like this)?


Try using

ofFileDialogResult result = ofSystemLoadDialog( "Select 3D Model" );  
string path = result.getPath();  
cout << path << endl;