Little help for small project for myself please?

I’m new to openFrameworks and I’m learning the codes.

I want to make a program that

I can type the letters or sentences I want to the screen

and if I hit enter, the typed sentence disappears

and same sentence pops up in the middle of the screen and bounces the corners and moves around.

  posx += addx;
  posy += addy;

  if(posx < 0 || posx > ofGetWidth()){
    addx *= -1;
  if(posy < 16 || posy > ofGetHeight()){
    addy *= -1;

I tried to make the position movement code like bouncing ball code.

but I don’t know how to make my typing appear…

how can I start to make my project?

The easy way to display text is ofDrawBitmapString(string text, int x, int y, int z) .
There are probably other ways to do it with a bit more control (over font, size etc…), you can surely find that on the forum !
I hope this helps

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Theres a few examples in examples/graphics like fontsExample I think should get you going on the right track

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