Listbox widget (using ofxhGui): missing file hObject.h


I am trying to use the ofxhGui addon(, but there seems to be an important missing file from the repository:
Many classes derive from hObject.

Doesn’t anyone have a clue about it? The project doesn’t seem to be alive anymore (the developer is unreachable).
I am specifically interested in the (scrollable) ListBox widget, but perhaps there are other options ?


Ok, sorry, I am replying to myself: ofxhGui depends upon the addon ofxhUtils:

where the file hObject is found.
So all is well!

The version on github works with OF versions 0062, 007, 0071, 0072, 0073 and 0074.

There can be other issues on newer versions of OF.

I use it actually on OF 0084, I will upload my new version it in the next days and I work that it will also be ok on 009…

There is a simple issue in ofxUtils/hTable.cpp that can occur often:
#include <float.h> in not recognized in certain platforms of compiler versions.
Just give FLT_MIN and FLT_MAX a low negative and high positive value.

I’m interested who uses my addon and for what use and questions are welcome.
There are also widgets that does not exist now and I simulate them actually by the composition of a few other widgets.

I’m also changing my website, and for that reason the email that I gave to the forum are no longer available. (I just changed it)

Hi Bernard,

That is all good news! (I indeed intend to use hGui with 0.9).
Yes I came across the FLT defines issue (on mac OS), and that was easy to solve.

A naive question: is it possible to combine hGUI items with other gui approaches such as oxfUI?

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It depends what you meanwith combine. I think that you can draw different GUIs on different places on the window, and mange them both in mouse events. Maybe key events will e more complicated. I never tryed.

Did you see that I updated the version on GtHub in order to work with OF 0.9 ?