linux slow vs osx


wondering if any of the Linux folks here could help me out with this. i’m on a 2nd gen Macbook (Core 2 Duo 2.4 with a shitty Intel GMA950 video card) dual booting Ubuntu Intrepid and OSX 10.5. when i run the exact same code in OSX vs in Linux, i’m getting about double or triple the framerate in OSX. in particular, drawing a fullscreen 1024x768 ofImage totally kills the framerate in Linux (dropping me down from about 20fps to about 5), whereas it doesn’t change much at all in OSX (dropping me from maybe 35fps to 30).

any ideas why my Linux builds are running so slowly?

Hey damian

i was trying to draw an empty screen at 1024x768 and then an image at that resolution and i’m getting a drop of 820fps -> 610fps so it’s not so much as you’re noticing. not sure but perhaps it has something to do with the intel drivers.

also installing and booting with the real-time kernel you can have some performance enhancement in most of the applications:

sudo apt-get install linux-rt

and then when booting press esc and select the linux 2.26…-rt kernel

I would suspect that it’s a driver issue…
I’ve got Linux, Windows and OSX installs on varying hardware and they run more or less the same.
Video playback in Linux can be a little slower sometimes, although Nvidia has finally come to the party and have the new New Video Decode and Presentation API (VDPAU) for Linux:

I guess you’re running the Open Source driver? Maybe some forum searches might dig something up. Otherwise play around with some of the driver parameters perhaps. Apple hardware is not always very Linux friendly, although the GMA950 card should certainly be fully supported so I’m not sure what the problem is.

Oh another thing I thought of in case you have it enabled…try turning off Compiz, I’m pretty sure I experienced a slowdown while running it in a recent Ubuntu distribution…