Linux laptops & OS best for graphics & upgrading

hello all,

ive been thinking of this for some time now & I feel im in the right frame to do so. what with apple doing all they can to make things difficult, safe, but difficult for developers. im looking to shift my main coding & graphics work over to linux. in the hope I can get more power & even make more advances on my teaching, tutorials & work. this would even include live interactive things & even do talks etc

now I know you can install linux on basically nearly everything. I could even do it on my machine right now. but I don’t want to. instead id rather have a dedicated machine to deal with such things.

so im looking for machines that can handle heavy graphics & are capable of dealing with many things I would need to use. such as Kinect, OSC etc. so inputs are a great thing & as many features to allow them are greatly wanted.
the only problem is, is that I don’t know much on the laptop machines or even OS that would be a good choice to learn & look at.
im looking in the end to spend about £1000, which is about $1200. im willing to go further. but only if its got what I feel would be right. ive thought about desktop machine & know about things like that. but im hunting for laptop machines, mainly because if im doing loads of work around & about or teaching, it would be great to take it with me

so I was just wanting to ask on your thoughts or even what machines you have come across that could help. I am looking myself & have seen the beautiful system76 machines. but WOW, they can rack up in price, but then again have a lot of what I want

but what are your thoughts. even on OS as well



obviously id like it to also have the ability to upgrade when I need. so if I need a new HD, its easy too change. same with RAM etc. it needs to allow things like this :kissing_heart:

The Thinkpad machines are probably the best bet - they’re built well, last long and generally seem to have the right mix of features.


that a good point. ill have a look & see. if its capable of upgrading & everything else & has the power, then it may be one of the top options. thanks

if anyone else has ideas, please give them :wink:

I bought Dell XPS 13 with Linux preinstalled and the next business day warranty, which I used once when the motherboard died and it worked great - I had a technician the next day at my place who fixed it. So far I am super satisfied with this choice.

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I’d second a Thinkpad.

I’ve been using them for a few years and have had a good experience.

If you want to use it for heavy duty graphics you’ll probably need to spend more that £1k though.

Lower budget machines have integrated graphics. If you want a dedicated graphics card you might be looking closer to double that.

Would be worth looking at the ThinkPad P Series.

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I got a great bargain Lenovo Yoga for under 600. Promotion machine cause the new machines had arrived, it had great specs, and has been the best laptop i’ve put my hands in. Dual integrated/Nvidia 980M graphics, multitouch surface. But the battery died, yet finest machine. I wish these deals were easier to find, I find the whole branding way overhyped, and can’t wait for open source machines to be available.

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