Linux IDE's for openFrameworks

As no-one seems to have mentioned this, I though I might open it up for discussion.

Currently for c/c++ stuff under linux, I use Geany:

It has almost everything you want, its simple and lightweight. Earlier versions were a little buggy, but the latest 0.10.2 works great and is very stable.

I used Eclipse for a while but it was too bloated, slow to load up and had too many confusing options. It did have support for cvs which was good, but now I’m using svn and I don’t know if they’ve got a plug-in for that.

vi, Bluefish and gEdit I sometimes use for configuration files web, and other stuff.

I’ve also looked at Anjuta, but I didn’t click with it.

Any other suggestions?

Hello, although I’m not a big fan of IDE’s (I’m an emacs fiend), after a bit of looking I’ve settled on trying to develop openframeworks using code::blocks since it’s a fast and very user friendly cross platform IDE.

There’s also KDevelop, but I’ve never had any experience with it.

we’ve also found our way to code::blocks, we have a code::blocks package we will try to post later today with most everything you need to get started. It’s about 90% done.

this is good info on getting code::blocks night build onto feisty:…–on-Ubuntu

that + downloading a debian package of the latest code::blocks (I’m using june 22nd, but anything current is good)… in addition, you will need to install freeglut, and it seems that ubuntu needs xmu installed too.

$ sudo apt-get install freeglut3 freeglut3-dev
$ sudo apt-get install libxmu-dev libxxf86vm-dev

more soon on code::Blocks…

take care!

Code:Blocks is unstable in my distro, also i think is still immature. Im using NetBeans based on pre-made Makefiles and Netbeans’ Makefiles. Also i’ll give a try to Eclipse.