Linux as an ide

Is anybody productively working without a full fleged IDE on linux? Linux has the well known toolset of command line programs.

I am admittedly still going through the tutorials and digging around examples. I would like to be able to work with the methods suggested here if practical:

If its not practical could you please let me know why for my own benefit?

Thanks for considering.

Since OF on Linux is using make for compilation, what you use to code is largely a matter of taste. Having said that, if you only use a simple text editor (i.e. not vi, emacs, sublime text,…), stuff like autocompletion, function lookup, error/warning marking, etc are not available, I can’t imagine programming being much fun without this.

Personally, I use Eclipse to code in both C++/OF and Python. It’s a bit heavy resource-wise, but I feel comfortable with it. Use whatever you’re comfortable with. :slight_smile:

That sums it up very nicely. Thanks!