Linux + Arm + Kinect + C#

Hello guys,

I am starting a new project, and the challenge is the following:

Iḿ trying to develop an applicatiion in C#(.net), to run on an ARM processor (Odroid U3).
It should be able to run Kinect apps.

My first tests were under monodevelop and everything was ok, but when i tryed to implement some game development, everything started to create problems.

In fact, what i’m trying to implement, is like a game selector, and there is no problem if i have to open external apps, so, I tryed to develop and run some unity3D apps but it doesn’t runs on ARM. MonoGame was my second shot but fails again.

This is my first steps in linux, so, maybe i am missing something, or maybe i am not in the right way out.

I was wondering to know, if i can solve this challenge with openframeworks?
Any kind of help will be appreciated.

I don’t fully follow the question. If you want to create an openFrameworks application to run on the ODROID-U3 and use a Kinect that is doable (ofxKinect runs on Linux). I don’t know what the state of C# bindings are, but you certainly could write it in C++ - check the bindings subform for more info. One thing you may want to do is build Poco yourself to avoid issues reported in # 2823.