Linux app desktop mode to command line mode

Hi, I just made an app with OF in Lubuntu, compiled it in the graphic environment, and works very well. Now I start Lubuntu y OpenBox mode and my app does not open. Is there a special way to compile to run an app in command line mode? I assume I can benefit from not loading the graphical environment. Is this correct?


Hi, I’ve used ofAppNoWindow for some projects running on headless Raspberry Pi.
I used this example from ofxHTTP.
Is this what you meant?

take a look at examples/windowing/noWindowExample

Hi guys, thanks for your replies. But maybe I didn’t ask correctly: I do want a window, it is a touch monitor app. The thing is I would like to make it easier for the processor (Atom computer) so I though maybe if I didn’t load the graphic environment of lubuntu my app would run faster, but it seems that the graphic environment y is needed for a graphic app (sounds obvious, I just want to make sure)

openbox should work fine with OF apps. do you get any errors when the application starts or anything? it might be that openbox is now using wayland by default, try to make sure that it uses xorg instead.

you could try also some other desktops without compositing. most tiling desktops for example don’t do compositing

and yes you are right that using a lighter desktop can help making your graphics faster in a computer with limited capabilties

Thank you very much Arturo. I will check wayland and see if this help. I do get an error. I’m not at my atom computer now, I will check again later.