Links for website?

hi, Zach and Theo. I dont know who will fix links for this website. I just want to tell you something.

when I wanted to see “setup” for dev c++. it didnt turn over the page.
Is it link problem? :slight_smile:



it seems to be working now.

I have noticed the same thing myself, and somehow it’s a bug with textpattern we have to look into. I noticed it the other day in class, and it was slightly embarrassing :oops: we have to spend some time looking at the textpattern installation.

instead of linking like this:

it seems to make links like this:

which link back to the original setup.

the bizarre thing is that this happens intermittently. We will investigate. Thanks much for pointing it out.

In the meantime, I post the links here:…-ss-edition

hope that helps!

Thanks a lot Zach. :wink: