Lines to 3d mesh

I am looking for an approach to turn lines/wireframes into 3d mesh for 3d print.
For instance like to
So far I tried to use and create points along my lines, result looks interesting but the model are too heavy.

I haven’t looked at the metaballs addon but in any case you will need to clean up the exported 3d model befor sending it to print. Use meshlab for doing such. It will also allow you to reduce the poligon count.
I haven’t done this for a while, but there is software that allows you to check a models exported gcode.
There are some libs and addons that will allow you to perform some kind of optimization, clean up and polygon reduction from within OF. check


Thanks for your reply!
I am actually interested finding an algorithm idea more than learning about mesh to 3d print workflow;
Is there a good technique to turn connected lines drawings into merged 3d tubular structures, like in this example to