theo and I probably spammed you all about this liners project,
we now have some documentation up and also some source code:

we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated. We deeply appreciate you helping out. If you didn’t make a movie, or couldn’t, don’t worry, we will keep making new versions of liners, and I’m sure you will hear from us requesting movies.

the performance app and the annotater for movies (to mark the lines) all feature some heavy mods to OF, so we will release them shortly.

there is also part of liners which is acually programming lines in code – we will try to make a demo app so that you can try it too, it’s a pretty simple API and you can make you own software based lines as well.

thanks again –
zach & theo

like it a lot. especially the smooth movements and rotations at transitions.
hope to see it soon! Where will you show it next?

Can’t seem to find the source…is it still online? Would be helpful to see the threaded video loading…

Found sourcecode here: