Line MAT Structures with Openframeworks

Hey everyone, I’m kind of new to OF and I’d like to know which functions or topics I should dig in to create something similar to this techniques used in TD.

Thanks in advance!

If you want to replicate the things that TouchDesigner is doing in the video, there are a couple of different routes. Have a look at the 3d and gl sections of the documentation on the website. There are also tons of examples for both in the examples folder. The ofBook has a chapter about creating 3d meshes here:

To control the parameters of the 3d shapes and meshes, you can use the ofxGui addon, or look in thru the addons webpage for others.

These kinds of 3d drawings can also be done with shaders, which are little programs that are written in glsl (openGL) and run on a gpu. So, have a look at the ofShader class and examples; there is also a fantastic chaper in ofBook about shaders: