Limtiing and adjsuting rotations qu

I have some text that is rotated from an ofQuaternion that I get from ofxOpenNi. I want to make an offset for that text so that in a standing position the text is where I want it.

From that begining position I want to rotate the text within limits I set, but things seem to work in a strange way (my upper limits act like lower limits and vice versa).

void testApp::drawRotateTextFromLegAngleSimple(){
      if (leftStringsOn==true) {
           ofTranslate(leftXOffset, leftYOffset);
           if (interaction) {
                          ofRotateZ(-ofMap((rotationZMidLeft *leftRotationZMultiplier[i]+leftRotateZDelta[i]), -180, 180, leftRotationZMin[i], leftRotationZMax[i]));

This does work and I have a gui to get everything right but I feel like I should not use this ofRotateZ method like this.