Together with Rick Companje and Joris Rotteveel I’ve ported my AS3 lightning renderer to OF.

Here’s the source: [attachment=0:2zb7h5fx][/attachment:2zb7h5fx]

And here’s a video of what it looks like:

Cheers, Ralph


Thanks for posting this. I converted your code into a codeblocks project (attached), but get nothing on the black window.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


Hey Boba,

I’d love to help, but I can’t seem to find your attached code.
Are you sure you’ve attached it, or am I missing something?

Sorry, something isn’t working with the upload for me. You can get it here:


Hmm, I don’t really know anything about codeblocks to be honest.
Does the OF example work for you?

What OF example are you referring to?

In the zip file I had attached, there’s a folder named ‘example’.
The code in there should be usable in an OF project.

I think that zip file is intended for MacOS. I am on windows, hence I am trying to convert it to codeblocks.

Ah. Yes, it was indeed made on a Mac.
I think though that the code in the example should still be usable, right? After all, it is still just code…

There are dependencies, which may be different on Mac and Windows. I am blaming opengl libraries, but have no proof.

If you don’t see anything being drawn, opengl may well be a prime suspect, as all drawing operations are done using opengl. How to debug this on a Windows machine I would not know I’m afraid…