Light shafts and translucent matter?

Hi there,
I’d need to build a system which I can describe like that:
Imagine 3 parts, ordered from the further to the closer to the camera in my openGL context :

  • a bright wall lighting the scene from behind to the front
    a translucent structure controllable (kind of gridshape cube maybe, where points on back and front side are altered using procedural )
    a volume between the translucent structure and the camera

The translucent structure evolves, sometimes figuring holes letting the light passing through and visible as volumetric light/rays.
The translucent structure contains parts that are thicker that doesn’t let pass the light well, and some other thinner that let the light passing through better.

Basically, I’d like to control the whole stuff by controlling the translucent structure. creating fractures & cracking (holes) driving the light through it according the holes shapes. sometime becoming thicker without holes and only figuring some glowing translucency etc.

Need to be real-time.
For live performance.

Anyone to point me into the right direction ??

Best regards,

Hi, you have a lot to do there!

One simple, but very important thing, I can recall right know, is transparency sorting. Always mind that. :smile:

Hi there,

ray tracing would be a way… diggin’