Light Invaders


Happy to present a project I developed in openFrameworks with the studio Superscript², based in Lyon ( France ).

Superscript² made the concept / design and dev for the online flash animation generator.
I was in charge for developing the OF app for the final rendering and the control panel.

Called Light Invaders, the main idea was to let the users to create animations online - and then dispatch it during the DJ sets adding more interaction ( sound, transitions, colors, perspective, svg shapes, etc… ). To achieve this we used 40 squared meters of Stealth Led, divided into 8 panels.

We could control this with a midi controller or an automatic mode.

openFrameworks was far away the best choice to do this - Its been working perfectly 10 hours during the 3 nights with no problem.

This project was a great success and thanks to the OF team to provide this amazing library.

More videos during the festival here :

A list of all the animations can be found here :

If you want to look at the source code, just drop me an email !

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this is awesome.

is this the stealth led material: ?

Thank you!

Yes this is exactly this material…

I wish the video could be clearer, but the final render was really awesome and strong.
Very fluid as well… No delay between software and output !

Wow…your work looks great…I too am fascinated by these Stealth panels and what they can do…

I imagine these are pretty pricey and something you would rent vs buy?

The transparency you have going on with them really works well!

I commented on the vimeo, but just wanted to add that this looks really stunning… nice how simple it feels and how the uniformity breaks apart and comes together. Congratulations !!!

Thank you!

Theses comments are really stimulating!
We’re actually also very happy of the result…

We hope and are looking forward to repeat this soon !

Awesome, I was there.
Cheers from not so far